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Self-Publish, and other interesting stories

Recently, I began reading this article: I read the new 50 Shades book… and one of the things I noted in the comments was that people were lamenting that this crap somehow stuck to a publishers desk while other books, good books, slide across and into the sticky residue of ‘rejection’.

Why, are you wondering, did 50 Shades get so much notoriety?  Marketing.

See, there are venues for people to self publish.  And, the admitted ‘fan fiction with the serial numbers filed off’ that 50 Shades is shows that the people who are publishing these books are NOT looking for good books.  Or even interesting books, but they’re looking for whatever they think they can market.

And keep in mind, these are the same people who are our gatekeepers.  These are the ones who decide what will be printed.  They’re not in it to be entertaining, they’re in it to make money.  I will admit that when someone publishes a book they are taking a chance.  They are betting the money they are investing into the physical printing of the book against the amount they think the book is going to make.  This is why even terrible books that have been printed by the large presses are heavily marketed.  They want you to buy the book!

And that makes sense.  As an author, I would like for you to buy my book as well.  🙂

But, the difference between me and E.L James is that I can write I don’t have the powerhouse of a marketing team behind me.

So, you, the reader, I urge you to go look through the Kindle section of Amazon, or check out Smashwords this is a fantastic site to look for writers, such as myself, who either don’t feel they stand a chance on a publisher’s desk, or simply don’t want to go through the repeated rejections for not being ‘marketable’.  If you want some really great erotica, or even really great reads, these are fantastic places to support the individual authors!  So, rather than moaning that you have to read 50 Shades of Grey simply because there is nothing else out there for you that tickles your fancy, go find that something.  And when you find it, share it.  Remember, we self-publish authors don’t have that marketing powerhouse most of the time.  So if you enjoy something, let some of your friends know!

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Hello world!

I suppose it’s about time I got started with this!


Hi there, my name is Corax Vox, and I’m a writer.  At least, I like to think that I am.

I’m going to use this space to chatter on about my recent books, recent fan-works, and just fun sort of discoveries along the way.

I wanted to get something a little more personal in this spot, as I welcome you to my site!  Thanks, grab some coffee, and enjoy the works that I’ve slammed together!

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