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Book Covers – Part Two, the answer

So, I finally received an answer to my question!


Hi [Corax],

yes, this is always a difficult subject. I hope the following answers some of your questions (for printed books and e-books):

Book covers for erotica (i.e. sexually detailed written story) are generally okay.
Pornographic books with the focus on the images are not okay.

Most importantly, the images can only be used as a secondary factor to the product (i.e. book cover), and not the actual product (illustrated books).

Images which depict people should only be used in this manor if:
1) the image lends itself to the subject (i.e. racy/suggestive image)
2) the usage does not imply the model is a character or directly involved.

Only you know your product, so please use the above only as a guide line to determine if your intended use is conform our license agreement.

I hope this helps.


Can Stock Photo Support

So, yes, you can use CanStockPhoto’s photographs for your erotic novels!  Though, you have to use them in their house (see ‘manor’)

But, the main question was if I could use them.  And, as long as the image lends its self to the subject.  (I don’t know much erotic fiction about women eating salads, but…hey…) and it does not imply the model is a character or endorses your Centaur Gang-Bang.

I suppose using a photograph would mean that you would imply that the model is depicting one of the characters…I suppose that’s perfectly alright though.

Glad to have that answered!  Let’s get to making some covers!

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Book covers – One of the Trials

So, I’ve got two stories sitting in my hopper.  I’ve finished an erotic story of two were creatures who were shagging, and then the story of a girl who’s whole existence came down to wanting to be shagged by a centaur.

Awesome, I say to myself.  Let’s put a cover on that and call it an afternoon.

Unfortunately, I’ve run into a snag.

See, I’m one of those people who will read a Terms of Service, and upon doing so, I noticed that, for most of the sites that I’d be interested in purchasing stock photos from, they don’t allow their books to be used in anything that may be ‘morally questionable’.

A girl realizing her dream of being porked by a centaur…may be morally questionable.

So I wrote the site that I was intending on using CanStockPhoto and decided to see what they have to say about allowing their stock to be used for my upcoming novels.

I found a great post over at about where to find erotica covers.  They seem pretty happy with CanStockPhoto, especially for a beginner such as me, but I will wait for an official answer.

Now, I know what you’re asking, why don’t I just find an image on Amazon.

Because I’d be furious if someone took one of my books, slapped their name on it, changed the names of the characters, and claimed it was their own.

Same idea.

Photographers put a lot of work into acquiring their models as well as their equipment.  They spend a lot of time and money working on their craft, and I wouldn’t dream of trying to take from another artist what would be right to purchase from them.

So, we’ll wait, and see if I have to become a photographer to get the covers I need!

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