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I’m Corax, and I’m glad you stopped by.

I’ve got a lot of moving in to do, so feel free to browse by latest posts

Keep in mind, most of my fic are for people 18 and up, so if that isn’t you, please turn around and toddle off to where you came from!

I began writing before I can honestly remember. I told my mother I was bored, she told me to write a story. I decided to write a story about a killer cat, and drew a picture to match. She wasn’t entirely pleased with this, and so instead I decided to write a story about a rainbow that had lost its color.

I’ve always been an avid reader as well, devouring books at a pace that thrilled my bibliophile mother. I always remember mom with a book in her hand, and, upon being requested to ‘take something for the ride’ in the car, I would grab a book to either read aloud to my sister, or read silently to myself, transported into other worlds.

In time, I began writing myself. Writing primarily fan-fic with a few friends of mine, passing around a notebook to see what the previous circle of friends had written. This is where my love of the story began.

Then, I discovered the internet. I found worlds of people brought together to play characters, living, laughing, loving through a digital reality that joined us all together.

I began writing here, in AOL chat rooms and eventually MUCKs, creating characters that I identified with, and writing expansive storylines for them.

I had tried Na-No-Wri-Mo a few times, and had failed each time. It was simply too much.

But, in 2013, when I learned that you could self publish through places like Smashwords and the Kindle Marketplace, that I really began taking an interest in writing.

I sat down and published my first novel. There was a lot of starts and stops, a lot of learning, but I feel confident that I can call myself an author.

And that’s how I got started. And that’s why we’re here today!



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